It's a new, tiny handheld game system with a bunch of brand-new games. We made Playdate just for fun.


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Your games?

You can also make your own Playdate games. Our SDK is free to download, no special hardware required. And with the Pulp game maker, all you need is a web browser. Plus, sideloading games onto the Playdate is easy.

A trio of screenshots showing development tools in the Playdate SDK.

Big Screen Optional.

If you ever want to play Playdate games on another screen, we've got that covered with the Playdate Mirror app. It's a desktop app that streams gameplay in real-time from your Playdate to a macOS, Windows, or Linux computer. Handy for recording your playthrough or using alternative game controllers.

A screenshot of the Mirror app on a laptop, with a Playdate in front of it. Both are running the same game, Ratcheteer.