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Hello. We made a brand new handheld gaming system.

It’s yellow. It fits in your pocket. It’s got a beautiful black and white screen. It’s not super cheap, but not super expensive. It includes brand new games from some amazing creators. Plus it has a crank.

OK, yeah, let’s back up a little bit.

For over 20 years Panic has mostly made Mac and iOS software. Twenty years is a long time, and we wanted to try some new things. To make the most of what we have.

That’s why we started publishing games, like Untitled Goose Game and Firewatch.

But what if we could push ourselves even further? What if we could build something? A real something that you could hold?

It was harder than we thought, but it’s here.

And it’s called Playdate®.

Close-up rendering of a Playdate device with its outer case removed and internal components visible.

We love video games.

We love the places they take us and the feelings they give us. We’ve grown up with them. It sounds silly, but they really mean a lot to us.

Playdate is our celebration of the video game.

We reached out to some incredible game designers, some you've heard of, others you haven’t.

We showed them Playdate and asked, “Want to make a game for it?”. Then we lost our minds when they said “Yeah!”

So Playdate isn’t just the hardware.

It’s twelve brand new video games, one each week.

What are these games? Here’s the thing: we’d like to keep them a secret until they appear on your Playdate. We want to surprise you.

Some are short, some long, some are experimental, some traditional. All are fun.

When your Playdate lights up with a brand new game delivery, we hope you can’t wait to unwrap your gift.

And there’s so much more to come. Playdate is alive with possibilities and surprises, future games and new ways to make them. We’ll have even more to talk about at launch.

We weren’t kidding about the crank.

It flips out from the side, a rotating analog controller that puts a whole new spin on games.

Some games use the crank exclusively (like Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure, above.) Some don’t use it at all.

But it’s very fun. Extremely fun.

By the way, the crank came from our friends at Teenage Engineering. They were our partners for Playdate’s design. Isn’t it nice?

So that’s our teaser.

All twelve games in Season One will be included — there’s no extra charge.

It should ship in 2021.

Next, we want to alert you the moment Playdate is ready.

Stock will be very limited. Sign up early.

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