A Balanced Brew

A Balanced Brew

Made by Robert Curry

Staff note: Complete each level by balancing on a unicycle with a crank to get the guy to the coffee cart. Straightforward but challenging!

A Unicycle game for coffee lovers

It's Saturday morning, 10:30am, and you haven't had your coffee yet. Your need for caffeine is undeniable, there's not a bean in the house, and you really, really hate walking. That coffee cart can't be too far away, right?

Your eyes find your trusty unicycle across the room. Let's do this.

"A Balanced Brew" is a challenging but charming tale of one person's unicycle-mounted quest for a good coffee, across improbably treacherous terrain.


The most advanced unicycle-coffee-run simulation released on the platform to date!

5 increasingly-caffinated difficulty levels, for a smooth yet full-bodied challenge that lingers nicely on the palate!

80 levels across 4 picturesque locales, filled with devious obstacles!

3 additional game modes for extra challenge: Gauntlet, Return Trip, and Daily Grind!

A soothing soundtrack to keep you calm on your quest!


Robert Curry - Game Design - Programming - Game Art

Steph Prince-Paris - Comic Art - @stepepson

Miles O'Connel - Music

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  • 8.2 MB.
  • First published 04/25/2023, last updated 05/24/2023.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game requires heavy crank usage and quick reactions.
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