A Ghost in the Gallery

A Ghost in the Gallery

Made by Ledbetter Games

Explore the ART gallery like never before as you join Bop and Ghostie in the search for their missing dog over Halloween Night!

A Ghost in the Gallery dives into the Pulpy world of ART-O-Ween in an interactive comic using the ingenious Panels framework by Cadin Batrack!

*Candy Update v1.2 Collect Candy by hitting the A-button throughout the main story to unlock a special Holiday Follow-Up Ending!

Made by Ledbetter Games, Dylan Warren with ART by Robyn Heffler and Music by David Boyd

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  • 2.8 MB.
  • First published 12/12/2023, last updated 01/10/2024.
  • We believe A Ghost in the Gallery is appropriate for all ages. It contains some very mild Halloween-related imagery.
  • A Ghost in the Gallery is a Panels interactive comic and can be progressed with Crank+Dpad or Dpad only.
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