A Joke That’s Worth $ 0.99

A Joke That’s Worth $ 0.99

Made by kamibox

Staff note: Kamibox has a reputation for making games with ridiculously simple mechanics, tantalizing difficulty, and tons of humor. With its butt-bouncing comedy, this looong joke may be the greatest example of this aesthetic.

A tiny person with a bouncy butt tells a very long joke. Control the crank of the Playdate to not make him fall.

This game contains 2 jokes: One very long joke that is worth 99 cents, and one very short joke that is worth 1 cent.

🌳 For every $ 0.99 earned, I will plant one tree.

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  • 48.1 MB.
  • First published 01/15/2023, last updated 01/10/2024.
  • This game contains mildly abusive language and refers to alcohol.
  • This game uses only the crank, and requires a fair amount of precision with it.
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