Along Came a Spider

Along Came a Spider

Made by fatnose games

A pocket sized, cranking adventure. Tasked with retrieving an heirloom for The Monarch of The Hollow, a cunning spider by the name of Eric Nid leaves the nest and steps out into Spindleton to fulfil his quest - but the town is full of danger. Luckily, Eric isn't alone. A plucky band of memorable spider siblings can be found to aid him on his way.

Search high and low to find a path to the heirloom and crank with precision to overcome the obstacles standing in your way.

There are five different ways Eric's story can wrap up, can you get back to the nest in one piece?

Hey, listen! This game is designed for short play sessions and does not autosave. You can lock the Playdate mid-game and continue, but closing the game will take you back to the start.

  • fatnose games: George Banks & Jonny Brooks
  • Cover art: XaniaLasagna

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  • 460.7 KB.
  • First published 05/23/2023
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone but does contain some mild, comedy horror moments.
  • This game uses the D-pad, A and B buttons and the crank - with some sections requiring a fair amount of precision and quick reaction speeds with the crank.
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