ART&.. More

ART&.. More

Made by Ledbetter Games

ART&.. More is a 1-bit ART gallery for Playdate Catalog with Collecting and Arcade gameplay.

Your character, Bop, is a little floating eyeball enjoying the new exhibits. As Bop, you will wander through the gallery, talk to patrons, visit the giftshop and explore the grounds!

ART&.. More is a follow-up to ART7 and ART-O-Ween and is a Full Rebuild of the ART Gallery environment with all-new Exhibits from fantastic Playdate developers as well as Arcade games.. and other secrets to uncover!

Designed and Produced by Ledbetter Games, Dylan Warren

Music by Kevin Flatt, David Boyd and Dylan Warren

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  • 0.9 MB.
  • First published 04/25/2023, last updated 04/25/2023.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game uses A button to interact with objects and patrons, B button to Cancel or back out of arcade games, D-pad to move and Crank to operate elevators. When not in active use, Players may use A button to Anguish, B button to Bop and Crank to spin around. *Players can shake the Playdate vigorously for a prompt to teleport to the Gallery Foyer if they ever become stuck in the environment.* One of the exhibits may be challenging for some players to fully see, and that is discussed as a part of it. Additional information about that exhibit and others can be accessed via in-game QR codes that link to articles about the respective artworks.
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