Made by Klickaffen Studio - Matthias Mach

Everyone has a reason to come home early.

Help this poor fool get out of prison!

There are 2 ways out.

Break through walls, free fellow prisoners on your way, open secret doors and trick the prison guards!

In 3 areas, the basement, the underground and the main level, the challenges vary a bit beyond breaking rocks.

At least two spectacular prison breaks are waiting for you!

The game saves your progress continuously, Ausbruch picks up where you left off...

Lets get out!

With love from Hamburg!


  • 60 hand picked rooms
  • map with optional fog of war
  • 3 areas with different game play elements
  • 2 escape routes (via subway or helicopter)
  • various multi ball opportunities

Soundtrack by monospace

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  • 19.3 MB.
  • First published 12/12/2023, last updated 12/22/2023.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game uses the A and B buttons, dpad, and the crank.
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