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Bloom is a real-time narrative-driven social sim about starting up a flower shop made exclusively for Playdate. Tend to Midori's garden while texting friends and family as she starts a new chapter of her life. The game takes place over many real-life days.

Respond to texts and tend to your garden in real time. Check in over the course of many real-world days to see Midori's story unfold. Experience a changing environment including a day/night and weather system. Go for high scores in the arcade-style minigame and acquire daily collectibles. Enjoy a relaxing lofi-inspired soundtrack as you play.


Jake White - Code/Design

Ben Busche - Art/Writing/Sound

Peyton Balasko - Art/Writing

Font by Neven Mrgan

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  • 68.8 MB.
  • First published 01/15/2023, last updated 10/04/2023.
  • This game includes moderate use of profanity, mild references to alcohol and cigarettes, and general themes aimed at a teenage or older audience.
  • Bloom has an Accessibility Mode designed to aid players that may struggle using the crank or pressing multiple buttons at once. In this mode, crank input will also work by holding the d-pad left or right. Your flower selection on the roof will also advance with a single tap of the B button. You can enable Accessibility Mode in the settings app (gear icon) in the game's phone menu. Here you may also turn on Minigame Autofire to avoid repeated button presses in the Starshooter Hoshiko minigame. Note: the intro section of Bloom has Accessibility Mode features always enabled.
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