Crank Crawl

Crank Crawl

Made by Fabian Fischer (Ludokultur)

In Crank Crawl you will be facing monster after monster in fierce duels! Luckily you brought with you a… weird slot-machine-like device that magically creates items out of thin air? Oh well, it has swords to smack ‘em with, wands to zap ‘em with, potions to quaff and all kinds of other stuff. Just crank the reels until the goodies pop out! Oh and if you manifest three of the same item in a row, their power will double, obviously! Now go get that loot!

Quick facts:

  • A randomized dungeon-crawling turn-based strategy game where you fight goblins, trolls, ninja ducks (uhm…) and other strange opponents!
  • An easy-to-understand but varied combat system inspired by set-collection drafting games and match-3 puzzles!
  • The slot machine you can control (which secretly makes it not so much of a slot machine at all)!
  • Between combats, rest up, train for your next fight or collect extra loot and find out how far you can push your luck!
  • Again, ninja ducks!

Design & Programming: Fabian Fischer
(@Ludokultur |

Item Icons: Kacper Wozniak (@ThKasparrr)

Monsters & additional icons:

Item SFX: Potion Audio

Music: Steven Melin

More cool info

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  • 2.6 MB.
  • First published 01/16/2024
  • This game is appropriate for almost everyone as there is no kind of explicit violence being depicted. The graphics are abstract and iconographic. The only reference to violence is the general theme of going through a dungeon to fight monsters.
  • You can optionally use the crank to move the reels in the game if you like the haptics of it, but it is not a required input method. The game can be fully controlled via the d-pad and the A and B buttons. Since the game is turn-based, it does not require any time-critical inputs to be made as well.
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