Crank Tanks

Crank Tanks

Made by Ethan Nicholas

A classic artillery game of lobbing powerful weapons at distant tanks. Featuring scrolling, destructible terrain with falling dirt, a wide variety of ridiculously powerful weapons, a score-chasing Survival mode, custom games, hotseat multiplayer, bots, and even flying tanks, this is easily the best (even if by virtue of being the only) such artillery game for the Playdate.

Crank Tanks features:

  • 21 different weapons with varied effects
  • 2 kinds of shields
  • Jump jets
  • Teleporters
  • Air-dropped supply crates
  • Local high scores
  • Lots of scrolling maps complete with minimap
  • Six AI difficulty levels
  • Snarky enemies
  • A cool little tutorial
  • State of the art 1-bit graphics
  • Parallax scrolling

And much more!

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  • 43.5 MB.
  • First published 08/15/2023
  • Contains military-style weaponry, tanks, and explosions.
  • Uses the D-Pad, both A and B buttons, and the crank. While some precision is required with the crank, the game is turn-based and you have all the time in the world to adjust your inputs.
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