Crankin's Time Travel Adventure

Crankin's Time Travel Adventure

Made by uvula

Crankin loves taking naps, but that is always the cause of more trouble. Being late to work or missing flights, and today he woke from a nap at the exact time he was supposed to meet a date. Advance or rewind Crankin's timeline. Hurry to the meeting place where your loved one, Crankette, is waiting, and apologize for being late.

Developed by:

  • uvula (Keita Takahashi, Ryan Mohler)
  • Matthew Grimm
  • Shaun Inman

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  • 58.3 MB.
  • First published 09/15/2021, last updated 06/07/2023.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game uses only the crank, and requires a fair amount of precision with it.