Detective Face

Detective Face

Made by Chris Subagio

Staff note: Bring your Playdate to your next hangout or family gathering and play this game for some in-person quality time together! Be warned: things can get pretty competitive as you race to figure out who the spy is before the other person does.

In the game of Detective Face, detectives face-off detecting faces to detect which detective is best! This refined contest of logic and deduction is intended for two players, and is played by passing a Playdate between them in turn.

The game creates a random gallery of suspects, and then assigns each player their spy. Players then take turns asking each other questions about their opponent's spy's appearance, names, and likes. The first player to unmask their opponent's spy wins! Play it straight by just describing what you see, or BYOS (Bring Your Own Silly) and go for laughs by looking for the funniest useful description! "Does your spy look like a goth bassist?"

Detective Face features fun zany illustrations, a fast talking narrator, an optional turn timer to turn up the pressure, and a delightful crank based interface. Our difficulty option lets you dial the game from rapid-fire short match, to epic mind-melter. Hours of fun for all the family!

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  • 3.7 MB.
  • First published 02/13/2024
  • This family friendly game is appropriate for detectives young and old.
  • At various times, this game uses the direction buttons, the A & B buttons, and the crank. It does not require high dexterity, nor fast reactions. Timers can be disabled for players who may take longer to navigate their turn.
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