Easy Godding

Easy Godding

Made by Alex May

Combine the elements to create the world!

Easy Godding is a light-hearted alchemy game where you combine two elements to make a third, new element. Keep going and you'll get to something really cool or weird!

Can you find all the elements? From the foundations of all things to strange and complex inventions, explore a little metaphysics, or go up into space... let's make a few weird places too! Can you make a coral reef? A stargate? Or a Playdate(tm)? Perhaps you will discover the secret other Gods...

Every (ok, almost every) discovery comes with a neat quote, and discoveries are recorded in your Grimoire. Many tools are available to help you make your next discovery or invention, and you can customise your experience by changing backdrops or turning off various assistances.

Featuring over 200 elements to discover, the developer's first ever ambient music track, and very real and earnest attempts at humour, Easy Godding lets you puzzle your holy heart out!

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  • 9.9 MB.
  • First published 01/30/2024, last updated 02/13/2024.
  • Easy Godding has tongue-in-cheek humour relating to gods and some religious figures and concepts. There are also a number of jokes of the "I hardly know her!" variety, and not one of them is funny. A couple of characters in the game meet their ends. Otherwise, the content is harmless. My 7-year-old son has enjoyed playing through the game.
  • The game uses all the controls, though cranking is avoidable and not precision.
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