Factory Farming

Factory Farming

Made by Tim Martin

Staff note: This title will satisfy your cravings for a challenging strategy game! Build a farm and automate it–your space will be filled with endless conveyor belts in no time.

🏆 2023 Playdate Community Awards: Best Sim/Strategy Game Winner!

Words from the developers - "Creating Factory Farming was both a journey of exploration to the limits of the Playdate's hardware capabilities and the challenge of presenting an understandable user interface on such a tiny screen with so few buttons. The limitations of the Playdate guided me to focus heavily on the core mechanics that make factory games so enjoyable: logistics-based puzzle-solving, where each solution unlocks another layer of complexity and challenge. I was thrilled when I first got my Playdate and could watch it simulate large factories in the palm of my hand, and I'm truly honoured to be awarded the best simulation/strategy game for 2023!"

Cultivation meets Automation

Factory Farming is an Automation & Logistics game themed around intensive agricultural practices!

Build up an expansive industrial complex by growing, harvesting, refining and manufacturing a wide variety of highly-processed products, and sell it all for a massive profit!

  • 15 different crops to cultivate, with differing soil & water needs.
  • 6 growing biomes.
  • Conveyor belt system to transport items and automate the complex.
  • 6 crop harvesters and other resource extractors.
  • 36 different factories in which to refine and manufacture a vast array of different end-products.
  • 13 unlockable utilities. Storage chests, paths, placeable signs, and more.
  • Long playtime. Expect to play for over 25 hours to unlock everything!
  • In-game tutorial.
  • Language support: English, Français (Traduction Automatique), Deutsch (Maschinenübersetzung), Русский, Español (Máquina Traductora).

  • Translation Support: Eugene Zakharov and Adrien Martel
  • Music & Sounds: Dr Tikov: 1985 (8 Bit Chiptune Mix) [CC BY 3.0], BoxCat Games: B-3 [CC BY 3.0], Eric Skiff: We're the Resistors [CC BY 3.0], RoccoW: Sweet Self Satisfaction [CC BY-SA 4.0], RoccoW: Weeklybeats 2014 #4 - All Will Be Well [CC BY-SA 4.0], Soft & Furious: Horizon Ending [CC0 1.0], Effects: sfxr.me
  • Art: Kenney: 1-Bit Pack [CC0 1.0], VectorPixelStar: 1-Bit Patterns [CC BY-SA 4.0], Varkalandar: Assorted Isometric Rocks [CC BY-SA 4.0], ScratchIO: Farming Set (Pixel-Art) [CC0 1.0], josehzz: Farming crops 16x16 [CC0 1.0], withthelove: Tiny 16: Expanded Character Sprites [OGA BY 3.0], InThePixel: Fantastic Fence 16x16 [CC0 1.0], DinosoftLab: New icon from the Noun Project [CC BY 3.0], Shepardskin: House sets [CC0 1.0]
  • Fonts: Chester Jenkins: Cooper Hewitt [OFL 1.1u3], Roobert [CC BY 4.0], Mediengestaltung: Messing Lettern [1001Fonts FFC], Mediengestaltung: Coventry Garden [1001Fonts FFC], Noto Sans [OFL], kaasiand.cool/tophat

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  • 24.2 MB.
  • First published 08/01/2023, last updated 12/06/2023.
  • This game is non-violent, and we think it is generally suitable for everyone. The player is required to manufacture and sell a variety of alcoholic and caffeinated goods, and animal by-products.
  • This game uses the crank within the user interface, but alternate controls are provided which require the holding of the A or the B buttons in conjunction with the D-pad. The game supports multiple languages.
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