Faraway Fairway

Faraway Fairway

Made by Hedgehog Dreams

Faraway Fairway is arcade golf game that is procedurally generated and you'll never play the same game twice! Explore and interact as you make your way to the goal and uncover secrets as you progress and complete your photo album!

As a mental health golf game, Faraway Fairway game is designed to be a relaxing pick up and play. Taking care of your mental health should be like a vacation that never ends.

What kind of secrets will you uncover as you play?

  • Designed by Rokashi
  • Art and Code by Taylor Anderson
  • Music by Sam Webster
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    • First published 06/10/2023
    • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
    • This game uses the D-pad, the A and B buttons, and the crank to aim and power up your ball. The crank requires a minimal amount of precision.
    Coming Soon
    This game will release Q1 2024