Gravity Express

Gravity Express

Made by Nino van Hooff

In Gravity Express, you battle gravity while transporting cargo through abandoned mines.

Clients will demand speedy delivery, fuel economy, and won't be paying for your funeral. You better find your way fast while avoiding the rocky walls, magnets and cannons that spell your doom.


  • A Playdate First: Full Motion Video cutscenes and level-previews
  • Explore 25 levels, with 3 challenges to complete for each level
  • 7 hazards; such as cannons, magnets and one-way gates
  • 5 pickups like keys, turbo and fuel
  • No loading screens, anywhere. @Guv_bubbs: "This... this feels snappy!"
  • Unique levels with their own characteristics: maze, speedway, zen, easy and hard
  • Fully customizable button mapping, physics and graphics styles. Want to turn gravity upside down? Go crazy!
  • Tilt your playdate to rotate the ship
  • Choose between crank, tilt and button inputs

More cool info

  • 16.7 MB.
  • First published 04/11/2023, last updated 04/17/2023.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game features extensive accessibility settings. Buttons can be re-mapped in the game's settings. Use of the crank is not required. Ship is rotated with buttons, crank or tilt. When using crank or tilt, only one additional button is required. Audio-cues are not essential to enjoy the game. Visual / Auditory: high contrast patterns - white/black background - adjust music and audio volume individually - invert all colors - subtitles. Difficulty/cognitive: game speed - difficulty settings for landing, gravity and hazards.
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