Hodge Dodge

Hodge Dodge

Made by Buck Young

Crank to dodge in and out of the background across 6 worlds and 3 different gameplay modes which progressively unlock to provide greater and greater control of Hodge. Start by running on the ground with your Jetty Kicks and then take to the air with a Jetty Pack... and finally unlock the Ultra Jetty to have complete 1:1 crank control over Hodge. In-game tutorials will get you up to speed.

Become an expert dodger to unlock Daily Challenges which offer new and difficult gameplay modifiers each day. Modifiers include speed and damage increases, no-hit requirements, coins replaced by enemies, and even swarm mods which flood your run with various enemy types.

Grab coins to increase your score and fuel to extend your run. Collect all 8 combo coins in a tight spiral to gain a bonus as you endlessly dodge a hodgepodge of enemies.

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  • 5.0 MB.
  • First published 03/26/2024
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game uses the D-PAD and the A and B buttons for menus. In game, movement is performed with the B button and the crank. It requires a fair amount of precision with the crank. Please note: When hit, there is moderate screen shake and the player briefly flashes white.
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