Made by Dylan Dougherty (DRD.)

A chilling puzzle Game featuring 70 hand-crafted levels and unique mechanics.

Cursed to conjure a slick trail of ice with each step you take, navigate puzzles and obstacles with precision and wit. Can you outsmart the icy curse and escape the cold depths of the dungeon?


  • 70 hand-crafted puzzles to solve
  • original soundtrack
  • unique puzzle mechanics
  • relaxing gameplay

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  • 16.7 MB.
  • First published 05/07/2024, last updated 07/09/2024.
  • This game contains moderate images of cartoonish violence in a fantasy setting. We believe it is appropriate for ages 6+
  • This game uses the A and B buttons, as well as the D-pad. The Crank is used optionally in some menus.
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