Laser Sphere

Laser Sphere

Made by Shaun Inman

The lights in the sky are fading. A massive shell around an ailing star is the last bastion of a civilization witness to a cosmic extinction level event. But at the edge of the gloom lurks a horde driven mad by darkness, bent on snuffing out the last of the light.

The Laser is online and the Sphere is in jeopardy! Crank to aim and hold πŸ… to fire. Just don't let the laser overheat. Hold πŸ…‘ to tractor in materials to upgrade and repair the Sphere between enemy waves. Press πŸ…‘ + πŸ… to deploy a Stellar Bomb for instant breathing room.


  • Fire in shorter bursts to avoid overheating.
  • Collect materials quickly for a clear view of incoming ships.
  • Power Cells help if the laser is constantly overheating.
  • Recharge Circuits help refill Power Cells more rapidly.
  • Reduce Shield damage by facing an attacker before collision.
  • Tractor Amps help collect materials more quickly.
  • Only use Stellar Bombs as a last resort.
  • Installing a new Shield Emitter also repairs existing emitters.
  • Shield Repair costs increase with each Shield Emitter.
  • Save materials to unlock more powerful upgrades sooner.
  • Even double Drones can be overwhelmed. Thin the herd.
  • Install a Quantum Core to abandon this timeline when defeat is imminent.


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  • 18.5 MB.
  • First published 02/27/2024
  • This game contains excessive geometric violence. We think this game is appropriate for everyone (except total squares).
  • This game uses the crank with the A and B buttons during play and the d-pad in menus. It requires a fair amount of precision with the crank.
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