Life's 2 Short: Unhooked

Life's 2 Short: Unhooked

Made by Pixel Ghost

A mysterious message in a bottle calls a little ghost to reunite a pirate captain with his 4 wayward wives...

Explore a tropical island as the series’ spectral problem solver in this little point-and-click-lite adventure for the Playdate as you meet quirky characters, solve puzzles, play mini-games and ultimately leave things in a better place than you found them!

The game is dedicated and thanks to those pioneers trying to make the world a better place even when it feels impossible.

  • Ollie Coe made the game
  • Ben Perry (Beanpear) made the awesome music and sound
  • Abbie came up with the name and drew the portraits
  • The Playdate Discord community are amazing
  • Special thanks to all those who helped test the game

Dedications go out to: - Sian and team at Gili Eco Trust - Madi and team at Lost Souls of Mexico - Tori and team at Horses of Gili - Grace and team at Blossom Peak Ranch - Shamser and team at New Marigold School - And all the other cool, kind and inspiring people we met along the way

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  • 0.9 MB.
  • First published 09/05/2023, last updated 03/28/2024.
  • We feel that the game is suitable for all ages but as it's a pirate game there is some light menace and talk of rum.
  • The game mostly uses the d-pad with the A and B buttons and the crank on a couple of occasions. There is no need for precision or speed so the game can be played at the player's own pace.
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