Made by Erik Sigth

Ljudbilden is an audio reactive visualizer and micro lo-fi vj app. Using the built in microphone or line in through the 4 pole 3.5 mm jack, Ljudbilden has 6 scenes that come alive by your own sounds. Apply additional fx like mirror, roll, glitch, invert and film grain.

What does ljudbilden mean?

Ljudbilden is Swedish and directly translates to the sound image and is used like the word soundscape in English.

  • Ljud = Sound
  • Bild = Image


  • UP - Roll Fx
  • DOWN - Invert Fx
  • B - Mirror Fx
  • A - Glitch Fx
  • LEFT - Previous scene
  • RIGHT - Next scene
  • CRANK - Spin graphics in scene 6
  • Crank DOCKED - Automatic spin in scene 6

Note: Depending on your surroundings you might want to tweak the threshold of what Ljudbilden considers noise and signal. This can be set with the crank before pressing any button and can be set again after pressing "reset audio".

  • Developed by Erik Sigth
  • In conversations with Marcus Holzmayr a.k.a Perplex On

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  • First published 11/21/2023
  • We think this app is appropriate for everyone.
  • This app uses the all buttons: Arrows, A and B buttons, and the crank.
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