Mash Gadget

Mash Gadget

Made by Bipedal Dog

Stretch that forearm, crack those knuckles -- it’s time to test your mashing skills in Mash Gadget, a digital (emphasis on the digit) throwback toy perfect for training trigger fingers or fidgeting away the minutes.

Includes these calculator-style games and practical uses:

  • MASH-A/MASH-B: How many button taps can you score in the time limit? The master challenge is 160 or more! (Bursting watermelon not included.)
  • SAFE: Use the crank to find three numbers that unlock the digital safe. (Priceless treasure not included.)
  • TIME/STOP: Clock and stopwatch modes make a fashionable app-cessory. (Reminder notifications not included.)
  • Plus a secret mode for frequent mashers

Design, Code, Audiovisual:
Ray Barnholt

© 2022 Bipedal Dog

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  • First published 07/05/2023, last updated 03/26/2024.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game requires the d-pad and A and B buttons, and one game mode that requires the crank. In the "Mash" modes, concentrated rapid pressing of A or B is expected, but not necessarily required. Crank use is fairly precise, involving cycling through numbers 0 to 9. Audio is minimal and not required. Basic functions are explained on the Menu button screen.
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