Made by Gregory Kogos

Staff note: If you liked the Season One game Omaze and you want more puzzles, check out this spiritual successor with a new rhythm component. It feels like making music.

Oom is a rhythmic dungeon crawler where player simultaneously moves and shoots on the beat and controls the direction of the character with the crank. It's an unusual take on a rhythm game where decisive action is made in-between the beats.

..but in the end it's all about partnership

Catalog assets by Danil Daneliuk

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  • 97.9 KB.
  • First published 06/10/2023, last updated 02/13/2024.
  • This game is appropriate for everyone who can handle geometric shapes
  • This game uses the A and B buttons and the crank. It requires a fair amount of precision with the crank while operating A and B buttons simultaneously. Audio is essential.
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