Pikki Rikki

Pikki Rikki

Made by cole+ games

In Pikki Rikki, you play as Rikki, a bunny that just can't jump! Even so, you'll be picking pikk-plants with the Playdate's crank to boost yourself up and add time to speedy (mostly) 15 second stages. These stages will test your pikk-plant picking skills, time and time again!

Through 15 carefully crafted stages, spread out across 3 different worlds, aiming toward keeping things fresh, quick, and "bun"-... or, fun, rather, you'll be using that crank to pick pikk-plant after pikk-plant, collecting coin after coin, hopping from platform to platform, and just having a blast throughout!

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  • 10.6 MB.
  • First published 09/26/2023
  • This game is appropriate for all ages, bunnies included.
  • This game uses the A and B buttons, D-pad, and the crank as well. This game supports multiple control configurations, which can either modify or remove the use of the crank.
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