PlayBook E-Reader

PlayBook E-Reader

Made by Idrees

Turn your Playdate into an ebook reader and carry your library in your pocket!


  • Buttery smooth crank-based scrolling! 🧈
  • Switch between multiple fonts! ✨
  • Flexible options to customize your reading experience! πŸ’…
  • Motion-sickness reducing design with consistent frame-rates and adjustable scrolling speeds! πŸ’¨
  • A cute (and optional) candle that slowly melts as you read further! πŸ•―οΈ
  • And most importantly, open source! πŸ”₯

PlayBook comes with five classic books and the ability to add your own books (as .txt files) by connecting to your computer! Get it today and start reading on your favorite yellow handheld!

  • Made by Idrees with help from the wonderful Playdate Community!
  • Cover art by rae!

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  • 2.8 MB.
  • First published 03/14/2024, last updated 04/15/2024.
  • We think that this app should be appropriate for everyone
  • This app uses the A and B buttons as well as either the crank or the directional buttons for scrolling. A dark mode is included for those who require higher contrast.
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