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Let's face the truth - you carry your Playdate everywhere, so why not use it as a productivity tool?


  • ToDos - note things to do in your inbox or move them to separate lists. Lists and entries can be edited or removed at any time.
  • Calendar - check the date and add events on the full-screen month view.
  • Voice Memo - record max 2-minute long voice memos and label them with a title.
  • World Clock - check the time in 140+ cities around the world.
  • Contacts - save contact data on a rotary business card holder.


Each feature follows slightly different controls, but they are intuitive and, by default, visible on the screen as hints.

  • Press A to select or confirm.
  • Hold A for secondary options like edit or remove.
  • Press B to go back or cancel.
  • Use a d-pad to highlight items.
  • Crank for scroll or seek.

Oh, and if you prefer a clutter-free screen, hide the control hints from the settings.

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  • First published 06/20/2023, last updated 03/04/2024.
  • It's worth keeping in mind that although this app is appropriate for all users, it's important to exercise caution when inputting personal information.
  • This application uses a d-pad for navigation and the A and B buttons for actions. Additionally, navigation with a crank is supported. Certain items differentiate between short and long press the A button.
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