Post Hero

Post Hero

Made by Scenic Route Software

Post Hero is an adventure game where you play as a mail carrier on his first day on the job. What should be a walk in the park turns out to be anything but! Who knew you'd need to outsmart a vampire, help someone change a flat tire, foil a porch pirate, save a relationship and learn magic just to drop off some packages? All of this and more awaits you in Post Hero!


  • Explore the town where the Generations house is located.

  • Meet loads of interesting characters

  • Silly humor and cameos from the Playdate Cinematic Universe

  • A mostly helpful Mail Gnome who'll give you hints via cryptic riddles

  • 146 total points to be had - can you find them all?

  • Three save slots so almost everyone in the family can play!

  • Dying doesn't matter and is part of the fun. Some deaths are even worth points!

  • The game auto-saves as you play. No "save early, save often" here!

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  • 4.2 MB.
  • First published 05/09/2023, last updated 05/17/2023.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone except porch pirates.
  • This games uses the A, B and D-Pad buttons.
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