Made by Crandaddy

An unmarked letter appears on your desk. A boy has gone missing.

With work having dried up, you decide to take on the case. What you'll soon discover however is a mystery far more ghoulish than you could have imagined.

PULPERGEIST is a classic point-and-click adventure game made for Playdate with Pulp. Solve puzzles, escape dangerous traps and enemies, and work to uncover the truth behind the missing child.


  • 4+ hours of gameplay,
  • auto-save function,
  • multiple endings,
  • music & sound effects,
  • 24 Achievements that unlock unique art in "The Gallery,"
  • 27-page Game Guide (see "More Cool Info" below),
  • and Easter eggs!

More cool info

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  • First published 09/26/2023, last updated 09/27/2023.
  • This game contains no profanity or depictions of violence. However, some subject matter pertinent to the story may be suitable for more mature audiences.
  • This game requires light use of the A and B buttons. The directional buttons are used for movement and can require rapid presses at certain moments.
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