Resonant Tale

Resonant Tale

Made by Orange Thief Ltd

Discover a handcrafted pocket size world full of secrets!

Play as the hooded adventurer Leit, waking up on a wave-washed beach in a mysterious new land. Explore the musically inspired world, befriend its unusual inhabitants, and discover your part in restoring harmony to a land struck with discordance. Beyond the sights, sounds and secrets of the surface there are four trap laden levels to traverse, from escaping the depths of a castle dungeon to exploring an abandoned mountaintop temple. Wielding sword, arrows and bombs, will you discover all of Harmonia's hidden treasures and reunite the sacred bells?

Resonant Tale features 2-3 hours of gameplay for a casual playthrough (and much more for the committed completionist), 30+ original music tracks, autosave, assistance options, and an unlockable "hardcore" mode.

  • Scott Hall (design, programming, art, writing)
  • Rupert Cole (music, sound)
  • Izzy Robinson (logo illustration, playtesting)
  • JezoShow (trailer, playtesting)
  • Phill Platt, Toad Lee, Donald Fraser, Nick Carson (playtesting)
  • Lily Hoang-Zhu (cover art)

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  • 680.4 KB.
  • First published 09/12/2023, last updated 10/13/2023.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game uses the D-pad and the A and B buttons, with occasional infrequent use of the crank. Crank usage, puzzles requiring precise timing, boss battles and player damage can all be disabled from the title screen.
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