Rocket Bytes+

Rocket Bytes+

Made by PossiblyAxolotl

Rocket Bytes+ is a 1-bit precision rocket flying reverse platformer where you control a group of rockets who need to collect energy and bring it back to their ship (a bigger rocket) so they can fly it safely back to their mothership (an even bigger rocket).

"The video game equivalent of tearing your own toenails off... but in like... a good way..."

Fly through over 30 hand-made levels in the main, Halloween, and plus campaigns, or create your own to share with friends with the built-in level editor.

Rocket Bytes+ features:

  • 38 built-in levels (find level packs in the extras menu!)

  • 2 entertaining story cutscenes

  • Built-in level editor (all the game's levels were made in it!)

  • 360° crank ACTION

  • Awesome OST (as the one who made the soundtrack I think it's pretty cool!)

  • Crank-controlled music box mode for listening to and playing with the soundtrack

  • No snakes

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  • 33.1 MB.
  • First published 05/07/2024
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game requires quick and precise crank movement.
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