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satOlite is a Tower-Defense Game without a grid or slots for your towers. Instead, you place satellites in orbit around planets. Use the crank of the Playdate to determine where to launch your new satellite. Once the satellite is placed, it orbits the planet by itself.

Different Satellites

Do you want to buy a rapid-laser to deal with the approaching enemies, or do you want to save the money and get the mighty torpedo-launcher later in the mission? The satOlite programm offers a variety of defense satellites.

Meet your new team

Learn how to play the game and get your mission briefing from Mayor Forbett and your computer assistant Plan.NET

Enemy ships approaching

Big ships, fast ships, ships with shields. Different ships need different approaches.

Can you save the galaxy? Or, at least, the reputation of your department?


Sfx: Soniss GDC Bundle

Special Thanks:

Robert Malicki - For the store assets & the motivation

Squid God - For all the help

My wife Caro - For being wonderful ❤️

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  • 18.3 MB.
  • First published 03/14/2024
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • The game requires some use of the crank, but in most cases, the gameplay pauses during that time. Buttons and D-Pad are also used, but don't require precise inputs. The game features a Godmode, to help players beat a level if they are stuck.
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