Shadow Gadget

Shadow Gadget

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Shadow Gadget is a passive creature collecting idle game that transforms your Playdate into a spirit-slurping specter catcher! Take aim at ghosts and suck them into your Playdate using the built-in crank! Keep your tractor beam on target to weaken the ghost and crank for maximum pull! Your precision and reflexes will be put to the ultimate test as you collect ancient and powerful spirits!

After you've caught a new ghost, be sure to visit the gallery to read up on its demented history and admire your collection! Brimming with over 140 ghosts, Shadow Gadget has a specter for every collector!

Complete your collection and blaze your own path, the road to becoming the ultimate ghost hunter is full of possibility!


  • Systems Director: Hunter Ward
  • Creative Director: Matt Lasnicki
  • Game Director: Donald Trojcak
  • Narrative Director: Jack Lathrop
  • Artist: Jake Race
  • Artist: Nelson Ricardo
  • Artist: Adam Espino
  • Musician: Mucoid
  • Voiceover: Sora the Troll

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  • 15.8 MB.
  • First published 04/25/2023, last updated 07/10/2024.
  • This game contains disturbing imagery and mild profanity.
  • This game utilizes the Playdate’s crank, A button, B button, D-pad, and microphone. Certain sequences require vigorous, precise cranking. This game implement's the 'Reduce Flashing' software feature provided by Panic.
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