Simple Mind

Simple Mind

Made by Fidi

Use your wits, your observation and logic to crack the secret codes in as few attempts as possible! Each turn, the game will give you clues to help you figure out the solution, but will you manage to get it in less than 10 tries?

Inspired by the classic MasterMind board game.


  • 4 difficulty levels with more combinations and possibly duplicated tokens to find
  • An exclusive Puzzle mode with procedurally generated situations where you must get the code in one single try
  • A comprehensive tutorial mode to get you started
  • Ludicrously extensive stats to track your progress
  • 4 graphical themes to ensure maximum legibility or challenge yourself through obscure designs

Special thanks

  • Early testing and ideas sparring by Sylvain
  • Beta testing by my wife and kids
  • Great tutorials by SquidGod

Disclaimer: some graphical elements in the game are loosely inspired by pop culture designs, but I hold no intellectual property over them.

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  • 0.9 MB.
  • First published 04/09/2024, last updated 04/10/2024.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone, including kids from ages 6+.
  • This game uses the arrow keys and A and B buttons. The games has multiple themes for its graphical elements, including highly contrasted ones and non-alphanumeric symbols.
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