Made by Tijn Kersjes

A teeny Sokoban for Playdate packed with over 400 puzzles and the ability to import your own levels!

Soko includes 7 sets of levels out of the box. Each of these sets features compact puzzles that will fit nicely on your Playdate's screen, and provide a great range of difficulty for players of any experience from absolute beginner to expert box-pusher.

There are 7 unlockable characters to play with, plus one Catalog-exclusive bonus hero. Solve puzzles to collect them all!

Use the D-pad to move Soko and push boxes around. Got yourself stuck? Just pull out the crank to go back in time!

📦 Adding custom levels

  • Connect your Playdate to a computer and reboot your device to Data Disk mode.
  • Copy your custom level packs to the /Data/dev.tkers.soko/levels folder.
  • Unmount your Playdate, start Soko, and select “import levels” from the level selection screen to add a new level pack to your game.

  • Code, art and design by Tijn Kersjes
  • Featuring puzzles by François Marques, Jacques Duthen, David W. Skinner, Aymeric du Peloux and Yoshio Murase.
  • ST-DIN font by Matt Sephton

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  • 295.2 KB.
  • First published 08/15/2023
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game uses the D-pad and A and B buttons.
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