Sound Mind

Sound Mind

Made by Chuck Jordan

A two-player hide-and-seek game for Playdate.

From the Last Will and Testament of Richman Q DeSeese:

"Being of sound mind, I hereby bequeath my entire fortune in unnaturally heavy doubloons to my selfish and conniving children, Kane and Mabel.

On one condition: they must spend the night locked in my haunted study, with its cursed grandfather clock that stops time for one person every 30 minutes."

Why settle for half of a fortune, if you could have it all? You and a friend (or a bitter enemy) take turns using a variety of hiding places, secret passages, and traps to make sure that you end the night with the entire inheritance, and your sibling ends up with nothing.

But be aware: your opponent can hear every single thing you do, and they'll be eager to steal the money back on their next turn!

  • Design, programming, and art by Chuck Jordan
  • Audio by Julian Kwasneski and Jared Emerson-Johnson of Bay Area Sound

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  • First published 11/08/2023
  • This is a darkly comic game containing light-hearted references to death, funerals, and oblique mentions of murder.
  • This game is heavily dependent on audio, and it may not be playable for people with hearing loss. It uses the A and B buttons as well as the crank.
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This game will release 2024