Swap Machina

Swap Machina

Made by NaOH & Zion D. Hill

Help PD the robot supervisor defrag the mainframe before it's too late in this fast-paced puzzle game made in the Pulp game engine. Inspired by classic 90's block-based action puzzlers Panel de Pon and Tetris Attack, arcade game fans are sure to enjoy Swap Machina. You can compete with your friends' high scores online and locally using the leaderboard feature.

There are separate leaderboards for "Normal" and "Mayhem" difficulties. Veterans of the genre will surely be keen to test their mettle on Mayhem mode.

Special blocks will help you clear the screen in a pinch -- if you're cunning with how you use them. Take too long, however, and you'll find yourself mired in an electric mess!

  • Code, design, music, and background art by NaOH
  • Character design, tile art, and title card by Zion D. Hill
  • Menu art by LittleWritingRabbit
  • Catalog Header Art: Monseki
  • Inspired by classic Nintendo games
  • Made in Pulp, and enhanced to a buttery-smooth experience with Pulp Mill (Pulp-to-Lua)

More cool info

  • 117.0 KB.
  • First published 01/15/2023, last updated 01/31/2023.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • Some blinking animations might not be suitable for players with photosensitive epilepsy. Primarily, this game uses the D-pad and either A or B. Crank is optional. The game is suitable for players of all skill levels, but dexterity may give a competitive edge for online leaderboards.
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