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Tapeworm puzzle disco is a grid based puzzle game where you play as a tapeworm; the local night club owner. It's your job to make sure the fleas enjoy themselves. You'll be helping them collect blood, play bangin tunes and get them to gigs on time.

Each level has objectives and obstacles like:

  • Avoid enemies
  • Don't kill the fleas
  • Collect all the notes
  • Help the fleas collect the blood
  • Open Doors witch switches
  • Help Fleada get to the gig on time (Fleada is a cat walk model)

  • Alastair Low: Art and Game Design
  • Valdir Salgueiro: Programming
  • Vincent Verger aka Tuï : Audio

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  • 10.5 MB.
  • First published 01/15/2023, last updated 09/13/2023.
  • Family friendly with some gross humor and cartoon blood
  • D-pad to move B to restart level and view password A or Crank clockwise to wind the worm in Crank counter/anti clockwise to extend in direction you are facing
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