The Fall of Elena Temple

The Fall of Elena Temple

Made by GrimTalin

An old-school puzzle platformer in which you explore rooms, avoid perils and collect all coins to progress. Rotate the crank to undo your previous falls, keeping what you've collected. Missed some coins? Rotate! Falling in some spikes? Crank!!

Test your forward thinking and logical skills. Plan your falls carefully, as your undos are limited. If you're not paying attention, you'll find yourself unable to restore back to the top, with coins still needing collecting!


  • 20 puzzle rooms to challenge your wits
  • Grab the undo crystal to enable going back up to five previous positions before falling
  • Rotate the crank counterclockwise to move Elena back, keeping everything you've picked up
  • Collect all coins in a room to open the passage to the next one
  • Navigate through teleporters, locked doors, spikes, flying arrows, snakes, crumbling platforms and many more perils
  • Crack a smile at Elena's musings!

Catalog Release v1.1

  • 3 bonus rooms with new mechanics and dialogues, unlocked after you finish the game
  • New item: the magnet attracts nearby coins when equipped
  • New mechanic: pop-up columns block your way after you pass through
  • The crank needs to be turned less for the first undo so you can restore faster when in a tight spot
  • You can now press up while falling to undo, making it much easier to not fall into spikes
  • Improved music loops with a bit more variation and less abrupt endings
  • Exiting to the main menu now selects the last played room in the list
  • Other small improvements and tweaks

A game by Catalin Marcu

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  • First published 11/07/2023, last updated 01/05/2024.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game uses the d-pad, A and B buttons, and the crank. On occasion it requires some quick reaction time with the crank or d-pad.
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