The Keyper

The Keyper

Made by Cool Lemon Club

Many secrets lay behind the many doors of a building older than the city itself. The Keyper is an adventure game where you play as the new caretaker of the Winchester 21 building, after the previous one mysteriously disappeared.

Wander through the building and collect as many keys as you can. Meet the wacky dwellers, lose yourself in the many corridors and open door after door until you leave no corner unsearched. Solve a murder, search for a treasure, reunite two lost lovers, climb the tower of a powerful sorceress or serve the capricious orders of an annoying mouse-person. Something strange is going on in the building and it's up to you to solve it... or become part of it.

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  • 215.4 KB.
  • First published 09/05/2023, last updated 09/26/2023.
  • This game shows depictions of skeletons and contains subtext for mature themes.
  • This game uses the A and B buttons and the directional pad. It doesn't use the crank and doesn't require a precise control.
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