Tiny Tester Spanish

Tiny Tester Spanish

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The Tiny Tester, Spanish Verb Conjugations

Are you learning spanish and want more practice on the different verb conjugations? The Tiny Tester: Spanish Conjugations will help you test 637 verbs in 16 moods with 6 tenses = 61,152 combinations to test!

You can change which tenses you want to learn in the options but you MUST have at least 4 chosen. This way it can test you on the the same versions of different tenses for comparison.

Right now it'll pick a random word, a random tense and a random mood and display 4 options to pick from. If you're on BIG MODE (which can be set/unset in options) then everything will be bigger and easier to see. You will see words one at a time and can press right/left to switch between them and A to pick one

Robert McClellan

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  • 3.0 MB.
  • First published 12/12/2023
  • This game contains different verbs and descriptions of their meanings. Some of the verbs may have mature themes.
  • This app uses the A and B and start buttons
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