Trickle Greenweed

Trickle Greenweed

Made by Kieran Anthony Penrice

Help Trickle Greenweed, newly qualified mermaid attorney, save Christmas! Seanta has been accused of murdering CHRISTMAS ITSELF, and only Trickle, and her new friend Sparky the mer-elf, can prove Seanta's innocence and save the most magical time of the year!

Meet a cast of colourful Christmas characters in this visual novel, interrogate witnesses, discover clues, and find the real culprit, all in time to save the holidays!

Designed to be suitable for all ages, Trickle Greenweed is fun for any fan of mysteries and action packed courtroom drama, full of turnabouts and ace attorneys battling it out to find the truth!

This first case of Trickle Greenweed's was originally released for the Gameboy, but has now been ported to the Playdate with greatly enhanced graphics, new animation, fantastic new music, sound effects, additional dialogue and more!

Made using the fantastic Noble Engine!

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  • 4.5 MB.
  • First published 12/19/2023
  • The concept of murder is mentioned, without going into detail, but no murder takes place. Some very light innuendo is present. I believe this game is appropriate for all audiences.
  • This game uses the joypad and both the A and B buttons. Use of the crank is optional to select items from menus, but the joypad can be used instead. No sections require any form of precise timing or have any kind of time restraints.
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