Whitewater Wipeout

Whitewater Wipeout

Made by Chuhai Labs

Crank it yo! Master the waves and hang ten in Whitewater Wipeout! This wave crashing, high score chasing, crank-tastic experience is inspired by the classic California Games. Experience surfing in an innovative new way while performing sick tricks using the Playdate's unique crank. Perform daring 360’s, gnarly DOUBLE 360s all while avoiding the shark. Will you rise in the ranks of the global leaderboards or fall prey to the wave? Get Whitewater Wipeout only on the Playdate!

Developed by Chuhai Labs:

  • Giles Goddard
  • Mark Lentz
  • Peter Traylor
  • Hero Liao
  • Remy Thor
  • Charlie March
  • Kensaku Nakata
  • Zach Aikman
  • Mihoko Terao
  • Kinsey Burke

More cool info

  • 20.6 MB.
  • First published 02/19/2021, last updated 07/06/2022.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone.
  • This game requires extensive use of the crank, for precise movement. It uses the d-pad occasionally; and the A and B buttons primarily in menus.