Made by Kodiak Games

Nightingale is an atmospheric horror game, centered around themes of hospitalization, illness, and what it means to feel safe in your own body.

It contains light puzzle elements but is primarily comprised of exploration and narrative.

Playtime runs between 1 and 2 hours and is best experienced with headphones.

  • A game by Kodiak
  • With Special Thanks to Ledbetter Games
  • Music and Sound Design by David Boyd
  • Additional Art by Robyn Heffler and Thomas Van Der Heiden

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  • First published 11/21/2023, last updated 11/29/2023.
  • Nightingale contains mild blood and R-rated language. It also deals with mature themes including suicide, self-harm, child abuse, illness, and hospitalization. Player discretion is advised.
  • This game uses only the A button and the D-pad. It is text heavy but can be played without sound.
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