Quest For The X

Quest For The X

Made by intellikat

Set initially in 14th century France, Quest For The X places you in the role of Guy de Canet, a Knight Templar living during the final days of the order. Racing against time and the plot of King Philip to destroy the Templars, you soon come to realize there is more at stake than just the order itself. Control over powerful artifacts, knowledge of life's true origins, and the fate of mankind itself are revealed to you in the course of this epic and expansive retro adventure.

Quest for the X pays homage to others which have gone before it, including: Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns (Atari 2600), Conan (Apple IIe), The Return of Heracles (Atari 800), Bruce Lee and Zorro (C64), Out Of This World (SNES), and Space Quest 3, The Secret of Monkey Island, and Indiana Jones & The Fate Of Atlantis (PC).

Story & Design by intellikat

Sound & Music by BeepsNBoops

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  • 610.9 KB.
  • First published 10/24/2023
  • This game contains light violence, and is appropriate for general audiences.
  • This game uses the A and B buttons, and minimal use of the crank at key moments.
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